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Manhood, Mental Illness, and The Colorado Massacre

“How come all these crazies are White boys?” my White male friend Michael Cohen asked me via email in the aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting. It is something I have been hearing nonstop these past few days since 24-year-old James Holmes murdered 12 and wounded nearly 60 people in a horrific mass shooting at a screening of the new Batman film.

The question also makes me recall that Chris Rock stand-up routine where he said he fears angry White males more than he fears angry Black males because you simply don’t know what the White dudes will do when pissed off. Or something to that effect.

However, to reduce this to mass murderers being “White” and “crazy” would ignore that an Arab-American man, Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan, killed 13 soldiers and civilians and wounded more than two dozen at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009. Or that South Korean-American Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people, and himself, on the campus of Virginia Tech in 2007.

But, too, very defensive folks in America’s Black and Latino communities will have you believe that we do not do things like that. Case in point is a conversation I had with a Black police officer in my Brooklyn, New York ‘hood just last night where he swore, up and down, we Black and Brown folks ain’t like them White folks when it comes to killings. How then, I asked, do you explain the record numbers of Black and Latino young males shooting maiming paralyzing killing each other from New York to Chicago to Oakland and pretty much every other large or small American ghetto this very bloody Summer of 2012?

The officer, who ought to know better given his line of work, maintained it was different. What really is the difference between one violent White man taking out a dozen at a time and a dozen violent Black or Latino men in the same ghetto killing one person each? Is not the total still 12 people dead, senselessly? While many of the reasons why White males shoot people are very different from why Black and Latino males shoot people, the bottom line is that murder is murder.

But, for sure, these “mass murders” happen daily weekly monthly yearly in neighborhoods of color but those stolen lives barely make the news, if ever. If not for the oral reporting of hip-hop and brilliant songs like Nas’ “Accident Murderers” from his new cd, we’d have no idea that life is the complete opposite of good in the ‘hood. So while I have complete and total compassion for the lives that were taken, wounded, and altered by what happened in Colorado, it also saddens me extremely to know that when it comes to Black and Latino people being murdered rarely are their lives given much public attention. It is that unfortunate and painful reminder that in the eyes of our America their lives don’t matter as much.

Beyond the above, I feel the problem is that we in America are not only unwilling to engage in real and raw conversations about the root causes of violence, but we also are ducking and dodging any dialogue about how we define manhood and what, exactly, mental illness is, and how dangerous it is for everyone when warped notions of manhood collide with someone who is very emotionally unstable.

Put another way, Albert Einstein once famously said insanity is saying or doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result. When you look at the massive media coverage of the Aurora theater shooting, you could easily be watching the same coverage of Fort Hood, or Virginia Tech, or Columbine, in Colorado, way back when Bill Clinton was president.

What we gloss over or completely ignore is that there is something profoundly wrong with how we define manhood in America. The definition is as old as this nation. And we know that definition begins with immigrant men from Europe ransacking the land of Native Americans and enslaving Africans. And that definition of manhood means the long American journey has been one riddled with men and boys who think it their birthright to use brute force to achieve their ends. Yup, there is a straight line from so-called explorers to cowboys to gangsters to rock stars to whichever rapper is hot this current moment to the hate-baiting mouthpieces on the Fox News Channel. 

It means our notion of manhood is actually based in myth-making, in mythology, and these myths of who and what the American man is or suppose to be has been spread, since we were boys, from school history lessons to our religious institutions, and practically in every kind of book, magazine, tv show, film, or video game we absorb.

That is why when you look at the ever-expanding list of the worst mass murderers in American history, you cannot find a woman. They simply do not get down the way we men do. Women do not sexually harass men the way we sexually harass them. Women do not rape men the way we rape them. Women do not commit acts of domestic violence at the level we do to them. Most women do not wind up in seedy extramarital affairs as often as we men do. And women do not cover up the rape and abuse of children at a major university the way the men of Penn State did, just to protect a storied football program.

So the problem, to me, is that we are in denial about who we have been taught to be as men, how much of what we say we are is addicted to violence, to twisted ego trips and narrow-minded visions of power, to mindless competition that leads us to destroy each other (and ourselves) over and over again. Where it ends, always, we know. It is called that theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. It is called certain types of male police officers gunning down Black and Latino young men who are unarmed with names like Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, or Ramarley Graham. It is called what George Zimmerman did to Trayvon Martin. It is called the tragedy of Penn State. It is called the bloodshed on the streets of urban America.

And it is called mental illness, y’all, for what else are violent behavior but the work of someone, well, who is simply not well? On the surface James Holmes appeared to be a genius and nothing more than a shy and introverted young man. He was an outstanding undergrad student at the University of California-Riverside, and many of his former classmates from high school and college talked about what a good person he was, and how shocked they are by this eruption.

I battled depression, low self-esteem and, yes, violent and physical outbursts in my past lives, and I know that we males, particularly, have not been socialized or encouraged to discuss our true feelings. Only because of years of therapy and involvement in multiple men’s groups and healing circles was I able to think about the root causes of what was bothering me, of what was triggering specific actions and reactions in my life. Most men do not go to therapy, and never will. Men are taught to be “strong,” to hold back emotions, to talk little about our internal struggles. Instead, like James Holmes, we will repress, hide, and even create a cover for what is often seen on the surface as just anti-social behavior. Again, in Holmes’ case, he was just dismissed as shy, as socially awkward. And only someone whose identity is that fragile will be driven to recreate himself as a new person entirely. For Holmes that new person was the fictional Joker character from Batman. Where he felt completely disempowered previously, to the point of even giving up on grad school, he now was omnipotent, emboldened by 6000 rounds of ammunition, four guns, tear gas, and an all-black costume just like the character Bane’s in “The Dark Knight Rises.” Call it self-creation through violent means, because that is exactly what it was for James Holmes.

We still do not know what the tipping point was for James Holmes. Was it his struggles with grad school? Was it the ending of a relationship? I think often of a former friend of mine, who lost his cushy corporate job and his marriage around the same time about six years ago. Many had always considered him a bit of an outcast, but the twin traumas of career and marriage collapse pushed him over the edge. So much so, in fact, that many people avoid him and have joked that “he seems like one of those guys who will snap at any moment and shoot a bunch of people.”


But it is not a joke. Not when the path to personal pain and low self-esteem is layered with resentment that becomes paranoia. And if that man starts to retreat into a self-made world of rage and self-pity, he becomes more isolated. I saw my friend who lost his job and marriage spiral into that universe of thoughts and fantasies of revenge, of intentionally scaring people, because it made him feel powerful. As a matter of fact the last time I was ever with him, he drove 100 miles an hour across one of New York City’s bridge, with me in the passenger seat, for no reason other than he felt he could. I thought we were going to die that very day, and I have not seen nor spoken with him since. I was suddenly that terrified of him.

But it is simplistic to reduce men and boys who may have emotional problems and past pains they are coping with, to being crazy or weird, to medicate them with drugs, without rolling back the layers of who they are, without creating spaces, once and for all, where men and boys can open up, talk, share, and, yes, own what it is that is causing them pain or trauma. I cannot tell you how many emails and private Facebook and Twitter messages, for example, I get from American men and boys of various backgrounds every single week asking for help in some way. For some it is because they have battered or abused a female partner. For others they simply do not know what a man is, are terribly confused, and are seeking answers and guidance, or some word to move them from their state of arrested development.

And those answers will only come, in America, if we begin to have the kinds of conversations women and girls have long had to talk openly and freely about all that is happening to us. That is not to say murder, including mass murder, will stop, nor that men who committed violent acts should not be held accountable for their actions, because they should be. Nor is it to say we do not need better and tighter gun control, because God knows we do. The mere fact that James Holmes was able to purchase so much of his ammo online is disturbing beyond words.

But how many lives could we save in our entire nation if that national conversation on violence we so badly need to have also includes an honest and open discussion about manhood, about mental health and mental illness?

Kevin Powell, writer, activist, public speaker, is the author or editor of 11 books, including “Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, and The Ghost of Dr. King: Blogs and Essays” ( Email him at or follow him on Twitter @kevin_powell


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    Feeling stressed? You锟絩e not alone. While the economy may be improving, finances continue to be a burden especially on young adults and parents, according to a recent study from the American Psychological Association.More than one in four people report feeling stressed over money most or all of the time, according to the 锟絊tress in America: Paying With Our Health锟?survey. Stress over money has remained the same for 59 percent of respondents or gotten worse (29 percent) in the last year. There is a link between well-being and financial security, the report found, with nearly three-quarters of participants reporting feeling stressed about money at some point in the past year, and some of them saying that they sacrificed health care because of finances.锟絎hen people are financially challenged, it makes sense their stress level could go up,锟?said Dr. Norman Anderson, the chief executive officer and executive vice president of the American Psychological Association. 锟組any industries in the economy have shown improvement, but we still know many people aren锟絫 benefiting and are still concerned about economic well-being.锟絆n a positive note, Americans锟?stress levels are trending downward: The average reported stress level is 4.9 on a 10-point scale, down from 6.2 in 2007. However, regardless of lower stress levels, it appears that Americans are living with stress levels higher than what we believe to be healthy 锟?3.7 on a 10-point scale 锟?and some (22 percent) say they are not doing enough to manage their stress.锟絋his year锟絪 survey continues to reinforce the idea that we are living with a level of stress that we consider too high,锟?Anderson said. 锟紻espite the good news that overall stress levels are down, it appears that the idea of living with stress higher than what we believe to be healthy and dealing with it in ineffective ways continues to be embedded in our culture. All Americans, and particularly those groups that are most affected by stress 锟?which include women, younger adults and those with lower incomes 锟?need to address this issue sooner than later in order to better their health and well-being.锟紸 few more of the 2015 Stress in America survey锟絪 findings:n Nearly one in five Americans say that they have either considered skipping (9 percent) or skipped (12 percent) going to the doctor when they needed health care because of financial concerns. n Stress about money also impacts relationships: Almost a third of adults with partners (31 percent) report that money is a major source of conflict in their relationship.n Women are more stressed than men. Fifty-one percent of women said that stress keeps them awake at night, compared to only 32 percent of men.The report also uncovered good news about stress management. Americans who say they have someone they can ask for emotional support, such as family and friends, report lower stress levels those without emotional support. Unfortunately, some Americans say that they do not have anyone to rely on for emotional support. According to the survey, 43 percent of those who say they have no emotional support report that their overall stress has increased in the past year, compared with 26 percent of those who say they have emotional support. louboutin 7. HOW GENDER EQUALITY BENEFITS BUSINESS
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    Colum Murphy. Follow him on Twitter I had the opportunity to underline the importance the European Union attaches to the need for Turkey to fully implement the additional protocol… and normalise its relations with Cyprus, Fule told reporters after talks with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.
    Since they met in the cold climes of Ballarat’s performing arts school, Kelly and his co-performers Zachary Ruane and Mark Samual Bonanno, together with Tom Armstrong (composer), Sam Lingham (stage director and co-writer) and Max Miller (film director) recognised they probably weren’t going to make it as actors. polo shoes Officials say they re not sure yet what caused the Taunton fire. They say Baker was found inside near his front door. i true religion
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    It鈥檚 also not clear why some companies (such as Uber and Airbnb) send them to all workers whereas others (such as Lyft, RelayRides and TaskRabbit) send them only to those who exceed exceed the $20,000 and 200 transactions threshholds. toms shoes outlet So, it seems that Pei’s theory of gaining access to safe farmland and clean water supplies holds weight, though this would obviously be part of a long term process; of which the Smithfield deal is presumably just the beginning. The 2012 Environmental Conditions Report, released by China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, found that 57.3 percent of the groundwater in 198 cities throughout 2012 was “bad” or “extremely bad”, with more than 30 percent of the country’s major rivers classed as “polluted” or “seriously polluted.” Unless these figures and observations can be drastically improved upon in the coming years, one begins to understand why companies which rely heavily on the land and environmental conditions in order to pursue agricultural business might want to quite literally seek greener pastures abroad in mature markets where private property rights are more secure and access to clean resources is guaranteed.
    And wouldn’t you know it? For her encore, Bullock sang “Somewhere,” Bernstein’s magic trick, in which he created a song that’s an essence. Bullock gave us the essence of the essence. hollister clothing 鈥淭his year鈥檚 annual event will be a step up, like no other. We are expecting that hundreds of families will gather to learn what Arkansas has to offer in health, safety, disaster and emergency while everyone enjoys and celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican culture, food and music,鈥?said Maura Lozano-Yancy, publisher of 隆Hola! Arkansas.
    The Field Poll, however, found support for gay marriage is increasing across all demographic groups, with younger voters leading the way. Seventy-eight percent of voters between the ages of 18 and 39 approve of same-sex marriage, compared to 48 percent of those 65 and older. ralph lauren Early priorities for Democrats include helping to stabilize the housing and financial markets, expanding health care coverage to uninsured Americans, providing tax cuts for the middle class, increasing taxes on businesses and the wealthy, withdrawing combat troops from Iraq and boosting the development of alternative energy.
    h After Sunday’s game, Pettine praised Crowell for being ready to play when Cleveland had no plans to use him against Pittsburgh. Michael Corbin Buerkle is the 2015 recipient of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award for Stuttgart High School. This annual scholarship opportunity is open to all high school seniors. It is sponsored locally by the Grand Prairie Chapter, Arkansas Society of Daughters of the American Revolution.”Corbin consistently displays integrity and the leadership qualities of service, responsibility and dependability as well as patriotism” states a high school instructor.”Scholastically accomplished, Corbin’s positive, upbeat attitude and willingness to assist is respected by teachers and students alike,” says another faculty member.Dedicated to his school, Corbin was a Boys State delegate and is an officer and leader in DECA and also led his senior class in the high school’s spirit competition. A Delta Beta Sigma Sweetheart, he is active in community and charitable eventsLast summer’s activities include regular care of a child and assisting with the daily needs of his ailing grandmother. Patriotic, he assisted the local American Legion Auxiliary in placing American flags on military veterans graves and helping with other American Legion services and events, which honor both active duty and veteran military personnel and families.Corbin read his required impromptu and compelling essay, entitled “Our American Heritage and Our Responsibility for Preserving It to Grand Prairie Chapter members during a recent meeting.The son of Stuttgart residents Mike and Margaret Buerkle, Corbin plans to enter the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville this fall.
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    =@@ :? 8 2E E96 {2 6 $9@C6 sC:G6 3C:586 2?5 E96 w2CC:D@? yF?:@C w:89 coach outlet The Giants continue to search for pitching, and are engaged in talks for James Shields, but most if not all of the free-agent targets that would have made sense for the Giants have signed elsewhere. General manager Brian Sabean and his crew thus are more likely to find solutions via trade.
    u ZW5pbmcgdG8gaW5wdXQgdG8gYWRkcmVzcyB0aGUgY29uY2VybnMgdGhhdCB3ZXJlIGluaXRpYWxs The trade turnover between Turkmenistan and South Korea has recently increased from $200 million to $1.9 billion, Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper reported. t
    kA 4=2DDlQAbQmkDA2? 4=2DDlQD`Qmq669:G6D 2C6 D6E FA 2=@?8 E96 6586 @7 E96 82C56?3FE y@92?D@? 5@6D?鈥橢 =: 6 E96 EC25:E:@?2= u2:C32? D AC24E:46 @7 :==:?8 366D 6249 H:?E6C 2?5 @C56C:?8 ?6H @?6D 7C@ E96 {@H6C cg :? E96 DAC:?8] w6 =6ED E96 366D 5@ E96:C E9:?8 2?5 :7 E96J 5:6 E96? 96 E2 6D E96 9@?6J] 鈥渪E鈥橠 2H6D@ 6 E@ 92G6 E96 2C@F?5 E@ A@==:?2E6€?y@92?D@? D2:5] 鈥渪 H@F=5 =: 6 E@ 7:?5 2 DFDE2:?23=6 H2J E@ 66A E96 3642FD6 x鈥??@E :? E6C6DE65 :? :==:?8 E96 ]鈥漦^DA2?mk^Am hollster The Nobel Energy took drilling in EEZ and discovered 310 feet of net natural gas pay. The first round of drilling gave proofs of further natural gas existence. lv handbags
    Truck driver John Devin Black seemed to have some doubts before trying to negotiate a left turn across the tracks in Halifax on March 9 with a load that stretched longer than half a football field and weighed 127 tons. af Erin Barbato, an immigration lawyer in Madison, teaches an immigration law clinic at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She said the clinic will focus on unaccompanied minor cases because of the growing number of children who will need representation. i hollister clothing
    York Times, Chicago Sun Times and dozens upon dozens of smaller newspapers – burberry outlet online Call me lazy for not picking up the phone in the first place. But like everyone else, I鈥檝e become dependent on my smartphone. And I鈥檓 probably not the only diner whose mobile device is the first point of contact 鈥?and thus first impression 鈥?with a restaurant.
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    However, most manufacturers will extend聽limited warranties and service contracts on refurbished items they sell (ask聽your retailer for details.) lv outlet Eight percussion ensembles from Southern California schools kicked off the event competing in the 鈥渘ovice鈥?division. Arlington High of Riverside took first place, narrowly beating Fallbrook High. Saddleback High of Santa Ana finished third.

  18. gjqstrrj says:

    Following the investigation, he accepted invalidity retirement, which had been recommended by a doctor because of his depressive disorder. michael kors outlet Ultimately, a paramedic inserted a second tube into Daniels, without Ali’s permission, because he believed the doctor had erred, according to testimony before the state Medical Examining Board. Daniels died at a different hospital three days later. s ray ban uk
    Comparing Old Mill Farm with other large properties is hard to do, though, since so few places like it still exist. With 75 acres still intact, and the main house, built of 16-inch-thick stone, looking like it would be more at home in the English countryside than 45 minutes outside of Manhattan, listing agent Lurie said, “there’s just nothing else like it in Greenwich.” louis vuttion online store Virginia Rose Gonzales, 90, of Fort Cobb, Oklahoma, peacefully entered into Heaven s gates on February 7, 2015, in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma. Virginia was born Feb 11, 1924, To Clarence and Martha (Allen) Wade in Moundsville, WV. She Lived in Trona, California, and every place in between. She enjoyed traveling, fishing, playing her guitar, and she would light up when she was surrounded by her family her pride and joy.Being a woman who endured trials and tribulations, she managed to overcome them, a strong woman that many would confide in for wisdom and encouragement. She believed in Jesus she desired one day all her family would accept Jesus into their lives. She encouraged ideas on how her family can pursue their dreams and start their own business.Virginia had an ice cream truck in Trona. She would be known for attending local football games, and would have ice cream pops for a penny for the children. Virginia will be missed by all.Survivors include four daughters, Mary and husband Jim Herndon of Bullhead City, AZ, Martha Ramirez of Ridgecrest, CA, Shirley Brown of the home, Rosie and husband Herman Haury of Anadarko, OK; four sons, Danny Adams of Utah, John Francoso Jr. of Ridgecrest, Tony Ruiz of the home, and Romie Ruiz of Chattanooga, TN; 35 grandchildren, 91 great-grandchildren, and 29 great-great-grandchildren.She was preceded in death by her parents; husband Ted Gonzales; two daughters, Dolores Francoso and Julie Ruiz; two sons, David Adams and Donald Adams; grandsons Louie Haury and Joe Allen; granddaughter Lena Ramirez; three great-granddaughters, Isabella Haury, Madelyn Williams, and a baby girl; and two great-grandsons, Klayton Hungerford and Robbie Peterson.Burial will be 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015, at Trona Cemetery, Trona, CA.
    Col. Monte Cannon said Thursday that officials are not hopeful any survivors will be found. He says the mission has transitioned from search and rescue to recovery. louis vuitton outlet “The specific trajectory of the 2016 US troop drawdown will l ray ban glasses
    No. 4 Casa Grande vs. No. 1 Tucson, 7 p.m. michael kors outlet uk Seel said FDOT was considering a roundabout for Alt. 19 and a pedestrian signal 聳 not a traffic light.
    x But things are changing. Iranian banks have paid 2.91 quadrillion rials (about $103.93 billion based on official rate of 28,000 rials per day) in loans to various economic sectors in the first 11 months of the current Iranian fiscal year (March 21, 2014-Feb. 20). true religion outlet
    It’s not easy being green — good one CG. michael kors bags I was just looking at , and I couldn鈥檛 help noticing that I wasn鈥檛 on it.This was hurtful to me, especially since I didn鈥檛 make the list last year or the year before, either.Now, this compendium has a fairly large number of people on it who have titles like Her Royal Highness and the Duchess of Bleeping Everything, but still, you鈥檇 think I could have made the cut.After all, was on there last year, and she鈥檚 not the queen of anything, except maybe pop music these days.I mean, in addition to working full time and chasing two kids around, I also spend at least 20 minutes a year reading fashion magazines and shopping for clothes.What was all that work for if my efforts are not even recognized?It is fairly laughable that I even look at fashion magazines, considering every dress showcased inside them is worth more than the car in my driveway. And I have dictionaries that weigh more than some of those models, who need weighted saddlebags like jockeys to keep from blowing away on windy days.But I like to look at them in the same way that I read National Geographic. I鈥檒l never go to the moon or eat bugs for dinner with a Stone Age tribe from the Amazon (river, people, not retailer), and neither will I wear a strapless fishtail dress onto a red carpet.Not this year, at least.It鈥檚 fun to read lines in the Vanity Fair piece announcing its best-dressed list such as 鈥淟upita Nyong鈥檕 was an obvious shoo-in, but the voters also anointed Donna Tartt (who loves her buttercup yellow kidskin gloves).鈥滻 mean, who doesn鈥檛? I have no idea who either of those women are. And I鈥檝e never owned a pair of kidskin gloves. In fact, I鈥檓 not even sure what kidskin is. It鈥檚 not made from real kids like mine, is it?I subscribe to Vanity Fair because it occasionally has pieces of amazing journalism, though I suppose that makes me sound like the men who read Playboy for the articles.But being a subscriber doesn鈥檛 turn me into a fashion insider, nor does it wave a magic wand of sophistication over my stretched-out mom jeans that came from the discount store.It鈥檚 fairly hard to justify wearing anything else, when my average day consists of writing at my home computer and running around doing research, enlivened only by the thrill of making lunch for the dog and then dinner for a pair of teenagers who complain they鈥檙e not hungry 鈥?until 9 p.m., when the food鈥檚 all been put away and they suddenly decide they鈥檙e ravenous.Not exactly as exciting as the king of Bhutan, who made the best-dressed list from which I was shunned. But, then, his 鈥渘otable ensemble of 2014鈥?was a 鈥渢raditional burgundy knee-length gho鈥?to celebrate a bridge opening.I don鈥檛 celebrate a lot of bridge openings around my house, and I only wear my ghos on alternate Mondays.And I have a bone to pick with these people, as well as the editors of Vogue and other fashionista fare.Why don鈥檛 you ever celebrate the value of Velcro?Velcro is one of the most important fashion inventions of the century, but you never see any fashion magazines recognize it whatsoever.In one fell swoop, it turned the tying of shoelaces from a laborious, grueling function that was one of the hardest tasks for your average child to learn, into an obsolete skill, like operating a fax machine or licking a stamp.Zippers, laces, buttons 鈥?none of them is necessary anymore because Velcro can do their job, and better. Just ask any stripper anywhere if she could do her big reveal without it.But Velcro gets no respect because it鈥檚 easy. Just like popular novelists get no respect because people can read their books. Only unreadable books win awards, because if no one can understand them, they must be worthy.But, I digress.This whole 鈥渘ot winning the best-dressed list鈥?debacle this year just highlights something I鈥檝e known for a while now. It鈥檚 great to be middle-aged.I know, people want you to think it鈥檚 horrible to turn 40 or 50 or even 60 years old. But what they don鈥檛 tell you is that you might have to wear cheaters now, and forget your dog鈥檚 name, but you have something precious and rare: peace of mind.You wake up one morning and realize you care more what you think about yourself than you do what other people think of you.Do I realize that people judge me when I walk around in my ratty sandals and faded mom jeans? Yes. Yes, I do.Do I care? No. Not one bit.One day, standing in the parking lot at , a light bulb went off over my head.I watched a woman get out of a late model Mercedes-Benz, dressed from head to toe in designer duds, including a hat and stiletto heels. This used to make me feel inadequate. But then I realized that she must be racked with insecurity. Otherwise, why would she work so hard at looking good?I鈥檝e reached a point in my life where I know my own worth, I have a set of friends who also realize it, and that鈥檚 all I need.Contact the writer: 714-796-7994 or Why not read more Frumpy Middle-aged Mom? It鈥檚 42% better than real life: It alleged that the finance ministry had attempted to conceal the scale of the underspending by listing as a sub-item in the government鈥檚 Treasury Single Account (defined by the IMF as 鈥渁 unified structure of government bank accounts鈥? to make sure it was not reflected in the country鈥檚 annual financial statement. j louboutin outlet
    Finalists michael kors outlet online And another of those stories will open Thursday at Honda Center, home of a Big West Tournament that last year gave the Big Dance to a team with two left feet and in need of a breath mint.
    SUSAN TRIPP POLLARD 鈥淭here are some things you just associate with Thanksgiving,鈥?says Cross. And that is pumpkin pie, a traditional recipe offering up rich and creamy goodness. At Humble, they take it a step further by featuring locally grown and absolutely gorgeous French heirloom pumpkins.
    Bill McKay 6:30 p.m., St Julien Hotel, 900 Walnut St., Boulder; 720-406-9696. true religion outlet Bonita was, in her princess way, one of the latter.
    Consultant Freada Kapor Klein said she has been contacted by more than a dozen venture capital and technology companies asking her how they can improve the environment for women. Klein, whose firm specializes in addressing bias in the workplace, declined to name the firms but said they approached her as a result of the Pao case. louis vuitton outlet online Copyright 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
    v Alison Heaton, 08.04.2013
    Ironically, perhaps, the Port of Oakland said Tuesday that it broke an 鈥渁ll-time cargo handling record in 2014鈥?鈥?the equivalent of 2.4 million 20-foot freight containers. This due to increased imports from Asia, the port鈥檚 marketing efforts, and cargo diversions from Southern California ports, which of course is leading to more congestion. michael kors outlet More updates and answers to your questions at the – This is the place for the latest ideas, projects and other news from the Monitor. We want to hear and address your questions and comments, so please come by to read and contribute. s
    The water board is expected to vote June 9 on the rate increase and surcharge. It would go into effect July 1. michael kors outlet uk “Grease” Come back to 1959 and hang out with the students of Rydell High School. Remember sweet Sandy, the new girl at school who had a summer fling with cool, bad boy Danny. They run into each other once school starts and can’t quite find their way back to each other, 6:30 p.m., Louisville Middle School, 1341 Main St., Louisville; $6-$8; 303-903-0928 or .
    n PAKISTAN: He made the remarks during the opening of a new office building of 鈥淣eftgaztikinti鈥?trust. t
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    Hello. And Bye.

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    鈥淲e shall continue to work forcefully against terror which has tried to harm us ever since the creation of the state and we shall ensure it does not achieve its aims.鈥?Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman issued a statement blaming the attack on Abbas, Hamas, Israeli Bedouin and Arab Israeli politicians, saying it was part of a broader plot to kill Jews. 鈥淭hey are all parts of the same branch whose aim is to destroy the Jewish state,鈥?he said. 鈥淪o we must work determinedly against all of these people, who… have the same aim: to kill Jews and to destroy Israel.鈥?Passengers on the number 40 bus en route to Tel Aviv University said the assailant, identified by police as a Palestinian from Tulkarm in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, stabbed the driver and then others at the Maariv junction, one of the coastal city鈥檚 busiest. abercrombie kids Then, Councilor Chris Burke moved that the council deny Primerica聮s request for the council to contact the County Commission. Matthews seconded this motion. j hollister co
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    l The selection of Pistoletto s work at the BEC is not billed as a retrospective, but the exhibition includes pieces dating from the early 1960s through to this year. For those unfamiliar with the artist s work, it provides a decent overview of his themes and approaches and a glimpse into the philosophy of Arte Povera. coach outlet online These are not opera singers, although they take runs at several arias. What they lack in precision and finesse they mostly cover in energy and personality. The singers were the most at home and most polished in the Italian and American/British pop songs that were scattered throughout the show. coach outlet stores
    It also raises funds for a annual scholarship presented to a deserving young woman planning to attend North Arkansas College, who one day may become a Woman of Distinction. Advertisement
    The former president and CEO of two Allendale biotech companies has reached a settlement with the state that will require him to repay $10.2 million to investors he is accused of defrauding. Races with undisputed results showed gains and setbacks for both parties: j
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    q The store is located across from American West Bank. For more information, call Jodi at (530) 842-4324. coach outlet Research and experience have repeatedly shown student learning outcomes are inextricably linked with the effectiveness of curriculum and instruction. Gering, Nebraska is an example of that success (). Despite all Gering kindergartners being taught to read by Thanksgiving with a -based curriculum, replication of the Gering program has not been widely adopted in Nebraska.
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  25. Manhood, Mental Illness, and The Colorado Massacre « Kevin Powell Blogs
    roger vivier uk

    • Mehmet says:

      is your firefox and your couetmpr also what kind of addons you install, i have windows 7 with 1.5 memory ram and about 15 add ons and havent had any problems since firefox 5, i usually have on average 10 tabs open Firefox now is GOLD.

  26. BS Eater says:

    This caught my attention until it started picking apart men. If you’re going to spout some biased slander against a gender, race, person, group, etc., even if it represents a group you can consider yourself to be a part of, you better provide research to back up your personal opinion.

    There have been numerous female mass murderers. Check the link below for a few gruesome ones:

    Keep in mind that female murders rarely make the news like these “white people” you’re talking about, similar to the black and hispanic “facts” that you’re referring to.

    In addition to your comment about slavery, keep in mind that it was not just the white man that let this occur. Warring African tribes often times sold their enemies into slavery if they did not simply kill all they opposed.

    I do not support any of these heinous acts that any of these individuals or groups may have been a part of, but when supplying information to the masses, even personal bias, it is your duty as a journalist to supply both sides of the picture. It is not men that must be changed, but an entire system that teaches everyone to repress their feelings.

    Please provide actual research next time to prevent confusing those that believe everything they read and to those taking a stance on this topic about taking the rights of individuals away to keep criminals at bay, keep in mind that criminals don’t adhere to laws.

    Good luck.

  27. Thank you for this well thought out piece! The first time I heard the phrase “crisis of manhood” about the topic you are discussing, it was in the book The Events of October by Gail Griffin. That book is about a domestic violence-related, very gruesome murder/suicide that occurred on my college campus. We truly have a major cultural crisis with masculinity that desperately needs to be addressed. Our boys and men need to know how they can be strong and masculine in ways that are positive and pro-social. Our culture is seriously lacking a clear vision of manhood that is healthy and functional.

  28. Pristine says:

    I am so glad you “went there”. Thank you. I will make sure all the men I know get a chance to see this.

  29. Pamela Rice says:

    Excellent & thought- provoking…

  30. David Smith says:

    Great and very timely. You continually use your voice to add sense tot he national dialogue. As a Life Coach here in Atlanta, a big part of my practice is Anger Management and we as males have not learned how to be less angry in this society.

  31. Susan Silkwood says:

    I admire the sensitivity and poignancy of your post, and will bookmark you (and follow you) for future reading. I have recently become more familiar with the work of Langston Hughes and your commentary about males and race, particularly the latter, articulately echo his themes I’ve so recently read and appreciated. You are very insightful too about the struggles of male social and cultural conditioning and what that implies. You certainly can’t leave our patriarchal system out of this conversation and you rightly brought it in.
    I did want to home in on one thing, to address your assertion that there is less media interest in killings that afflict minorities. I tend to agree and consider this appalling, but what makes the Aurora tragedy so remarkable is that Aurora (which is not far from where I live) has a high African-American population relative to other Denver suburbs and much of the city of Denver itself. It is known to those of greater Denver to be so. It has a very diverse population, in fact, and that diversity was reflected in the human composition within that movie theatre. People of color suffered and what must be understood is that before the world knew who had been taken or who had been injured, the local media knew that Aurora had that diversity and did not minimize the event on that basis. In fact, as you well know, it was world news of the highest import before many Americans had even awakened from sleep. In my view, what can be taken from this horror is that one positive, heartening element: that color and class was not relevant in the sadness, sympathy, empathy, and pain that the multitudes felt. That the dead and injured were mostly white did not become clear until later, and it was genuinely surprising to those who know the makeup of the Aurora community and the broad appeal of the Dark Knight trilogy. And many persons of color were affected by this tragedy directly or indirectly. What became clear was that the Aurora community coexists in harmony and diversity and rallied around the victims, who were their own regardless of background.
    Many who were injured and who died were not wealthy, often had no insurance, and by certain yardsticks not of “consequence” (ugh). But the love and concern that has flowed towards the sufferers from the world shows me that class and race and wealth were irrelevant to the overwhelming majority of us. We all just felt pain for those who suffered, and saw ourselves in them. To me this is progress; despite the emphasis by so many that society is at fault for producing a what’s-his-name (I refuse to acknowledge him by name) what I experienced was a level of color- and class-blind compassion that gave me hope.
    I know our society is far from color-blind and the construct of race is still a destructive presence, but I do appreciate what I observed on the world stage as a result of this tragedy. We are all connected and I felt that this past week.
    God bless and keep sharing.

  32. Rob W says:

    Thanks Kevin!
    My mind went in a lot of different directions after reading this. I don’t want to be general but there is so much here to talk about.
    There definitely needs to be a better line of communication amongst the men in this country. We do need to make a better definition, as well as example, of what “manhood” is. There are so many factors that come into play here upon a true definition. It would change the face of our society. It may even change our very ethnic family dynamic. While I’ll leave out my theory on the whole conceptualization of a new US society, there is no question that we need to start somewhere.
    Pointing fingers at particular races and/or ethnic groups won’t do much in the way of minimizing the violence or heinous crimes. Dealing with the issues will be our starting point.
    Thank you again Kevin for standing up.

  33. Diane D'Angelo says:

    Here’s another take — these young men are NOT insane; rather they are following a cultural script:

  34. Scottie Lowe says:

    My uncle lost his off and on lady friend of 20 years and his father within a month. He quit his job with the hopes that he would be able to work some sort of scam and get unemployment and that didn’t work out. He is penniless and intent on portraying to the world that he’s Mr. Money Bags, Mr. Got-it-all-Together. Feeling under pressure and unable to maintain the facade, he snapped. He had a psychotic break, ranting, raving, yelling, screaming, punching, throwing things, and he tried to blow his brains out. Or at least he made an attempt to look like that was what he was going to do in order to get attention. They hospitalized him for 2 days, he convinced them he was fine, and he walked out without any counseling, medication, or help. So the fact that he now is facing the loss of two people in his life with whom he had poor relationships, he has NO money and he’s dependent upon other people for his daily survival (apparently, getting a job is out of the question for him) and he’s a danger to himself if not other people makes him, in my estimation, a ticking time bomb.

    He is, has always been a narcissist, the world has to revolve around him. In all of his relationships, he is self-centered and they end horrifically because the women can’t tolerate his selfishness and he blames them for not “catering to him”. He has always been emotionally immature and extremely superficial. It is my very strong belief that he is reflective of the way we socialize Black males in our culture to be emotionally immature. We do not teach them to take ownership of wrongdoing, how to process their emotions, to be introspective. It’s conceivable that white men are socialized in similar ways, and perhaps their conditioning is even more detrimental because they are led to believe they are the center point of the universe and all goodness stems from them, but men of color are my primary concern.

    I said all of that to say this. If we don’t start having conversations, workshops, retreats, whatever we need in order to facilitate some serious emotional evolution in men, we are going to continually face these sorts of tragedies, on a large and small scale, because their feelings of insecurity, pain, and depression are eating them up with no healthy outlet.

  35. Kevin, brilliant, honest, and raw! Just what we need in order to begin to discuss and address earnestly, this very serious and complex issue at the very highest levels of our global society.

  36. K says:

    Indeed, murder is murder. However, the difference is that the white man killed a dozen of completely random innocent men, women and children (a 6 year old was shot) inside of a theatre, which can be assumed to be a safe environment. I’m not saying that there aren’t innocent casualties; people being in the wrong place at the wrong time during the shootings in Chicago and Oakland, but most people wouldn’t compare these instances because of the different settings they occurred in. I can somewhat understand the officer’s reasoning there. It’s sad, but it is what it is.

    Your paragraph on manhood was beautifully composed, and it is definitely obvious that many people (including women) think that they can get what they want if they use force or manipulation.

    Back to the main situation at hand, what exactly did the aurora man want?

    Everyone has highs and lows. Some people are obsessive and possessive about certain things in their lives, and often people are confused about what is reality and really isn’t. Many people have times where they just want to be alone and have time to think. This is what it means to be human, thus, everyone exhibits characteristics of being “mentally ill” in some shape, form or fashion.

    My issue with this is that so many people want to blame violent behaviors on mental illness. Was the craigslist killer mentally ill? Some say no, some say yes…but he knew exactly what he was doing REGARDLESS. He was also in medical school, was not a social outcast, star of his classes, and wasn’t shy. He tortured, and killed simply because he liked the thrill of it. It’s as simple as that. He got a rush out of doing it. The same goes for the revered Canadian Air Force Officer, Colonel Russell Williams…well respected among everyone, and was married. There are plenty of people with severe mental illnesses that would never (or could never) plan or think about such things (many would usually rather harm themselves). What we REALLY need to accept is the fact that there are simply people in the world that have evil hearts and simply get a joy out of seeing people suffer. We can’t keep using mental illness as a scapegoat for them.

    • Miss C says:

      So K, You really feel there are people that are literally born evil> That it’s just a adrenaline rush, or a sick thrill for them to kill other humans just for fun? Seriously? My .02 well…NO. It’s silly even nuts to think that we are ever born evil…we are products of our environment. We are taught everything from morals to sexual preference to spiritual beliefs from our parents, caregivers, role models in the first 5-7 years of life we are pretty much programmed to be whatever those individuals chose for us. And if they are screwed up then alas..we end up screwed up. And this bloggers entire post is right ion about how the problem is compounding and that it will take great amount of open minded conversing and sharing among-st us all to start to figure out all the things we will need to do to start healing as a nation and start reversing what become the normal as far back as we know.

  37. Valarie Sanders says:

    Thank you so very much Mr. Powell for sharing this much needed information. It was so mind-boggling I had to read it twice…..GREAT BLOG

  38. Devin Leake says:

    Kevin very good article, I too have issues, as we all do. There are things in my life that I’m not happy about n would love certain things to b different. So. Many topics u touched on in this piece r very true, the fact that we as black males don’t openly talk to each other is disturbing, when so many of us have similar struggles. Dialogue, is a key startin point to rectification, or partial healin or progression toward a better feel. Dialogue could change race relations in amerikkka. This I’ve said several times over the years n I’m no activist, I’m a black man workin to make a difference.

  39. Devin Leake says:


  40. Nana Ashhurst says:

    Thank you for this, Kevin. Of course I noted that there’s renewed discussion about gun control (thank God), but none on lack of public resources for mental health problems. What recourse did you have to get help for your friend who lost his job and marriage? Most likely none. Was his job required to provide counseling when they let him go? No. Is counseling required for divorcing couples? No. People “going postal” is totally predictable, rarely out of the blue. Soldiers returning from multiple tours in Afghanistan are not only not required to get counseling, they can’t even get appointments at VA facilities for months. Violence indeed needs to be discussed including manhood and mental health.

  41. Another great & timely blog. America seriously needs an open dialogue on gun control/violence.

    On another note. I would love to see you nominated for Black Enterprise’s Black Blogger of the month see attached link:


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